Join a team of locals who enjoy nature and learn together about eco-consciousness. Work towards a common mission of empowering the community with sustainable solutions to enhance the health of our ecosystem. Human well-being depends on supporting the web of life with our daily choices.

Members of MiltonGreen have the opportunity to attend Monthly Meetings featuring guest speakers on a range of relevant environmental topics from biodiversity to renewable energy, native plants to waste reduction. The meeting Chair guides us through committee reports with updates about our local initiatives including Halton Green Screens, Green Drinks, the Trumpeter Swan Coalition, native plant species plantings and much more. Ask questions and share ideas!

Thinking globally? Act locally!

Contribute to the wellbeing of the planet by helping us focus on our community. Join us to increase your awareness of local issues and make a difference in the direction we are headed!

MiltonGreen is made up of people just like you.

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MiltonGreen connects you with people and opportunities to learn about and participate in local initiatives to increase sustainability.

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You can have a voice and help guide us to our goals.

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