Empowerment is a key focus and central strategy to promote the sustainable community

We acknowledge the value in awareness of environmental issues and the challenges individuals face in their community. We also recognize that concerned residents want to make an impact and contribute to tangible results. MiltonGreen creates a nurturing space to associate with like-minded fellow citizens. Together, we plan and undertake collective action for the betterment of our home. We are not just here to direct members in their actions, we seek your valuable knowledge and thoughts on how we can work together to make Milton a place in which both we and future generations can thrive and flourish.

Do you feel like you're only one person with not enough time to make positive change; or that it is not possible for you to make a significant impact?

Would you like to feel good and have fun while making a valuable and meaningful contribution?

We empower by:

  • creating opportunities to participate in local initiatives to experience the power of teamwork;
  • mobilizing residents with activities designed to enrich our community eco-system and its delicate natural gifts;
  • educating individuals and businesses to increase their ability to make coherent, sustainable choices;
  • facilitating a collective voice with growing influence over significant decisions affecting our local environment.

Join us to help enhance the vitality of our environment:

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